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The University of Wiscosin Green – Bay awarded Alex Godoy, professor and Chair of the Centro de Investigación en Sustentantibilidad (Center of Research in Sustainability, CISGER), from the Engineering Faculty, with a Doctor Honor Causa, an appointment that backs up his longstanding trajectory in both academia and research fields.

Godoy, who holds a PhD in Engineering Sciences, with mention in Chemical and Bioprocesses engineering as well as a BA in Biology of Bioprocesses at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, has written over a hundred scientific papers and has devoted over twenty years to researching and promoting sustainability toward all social agents, as he strongly believes what every one plays a key role in creating more ethical ways of production.

Nonetheless, he grants a fundamental role to teaching, an activity that has motivated him to travel across Chile, teaching on sustainability and Climate Change in every corner of the country, because – as he puts it – “ there, knowledge never arrives” -, and despite the advanced damage on earth´s biodiversity, he still believes there is chances for a change.

A commitment beyond sustainability

Alex Godoy´s commitment extends beyond the spheres of teaching and research, as his volunteer experience has led him to work hand to hand with organizations that promote elderly people caring, education, youth scientists empowerment at Young Academy, as well as professional incorporation of women in STEM fields, making them visible and encouraging them by his work as ambassador of Fundación Hay Mujeres (There are women Foundation), opening and generating spaces that have let them prove their skills in areas where leadership has been historically held by men.

Professor Godoy was, above all, a participant in the first discussions on improving conditions for graduate students, something that would lead to the creation of the Association of Graduate Students, making it possible to scholarship holders to occupy job positions to fund their personal needs, beyond the academic ones.

On the same page, he has embraced environmental causes in every corner of the planet, fighting for the protection of our oceans and a sustainable development of productive processes that allow, for example, the generation of clean energy, efficient treatment and usage of water along with a sustainable agricultural development, without affecting the high food demand from the poorest countries.

From the Engineering Faculty of Universidad del Desarrollo, we congratulate again our professor, CISGER Chair and friend, Alex Godoy Faúndez.