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This certification proves the quality of the study program regarding the achievement of the declared purposes and the criteria that was established, and thus guarantees publicly the quality of the academic program.

The BA study program of Industrial Civil Engineering of the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) was just informed of the reaccreditation in its both locations – Concepción & Santiago – for a period of six years by the Agencia Acreditadora de Chile, a certification that extends from January 2018 to January 2024.

This is the second certification the program receives, after its first accreditation for 5 years earned by the evaluation made by Qualitas Agency.

What is shown in this process comes to certify the quality of the program, showing that the BA program not only offers buy also publicly guarantees a high level academic quality and fulfills with rigorous evaluation standards for the Chilean higher education system. .


The Head of the program at Concepción, Pedro Silva, points out that this accreditation “becomes an acknowledgment of the work that the program and the faculty have been doing with the goal to improve the curricula and to manage it in an adequate way to achieve its purposes”.

Silva added that “the process allowed us to visualize improvement opportunities, things that we can perfect and coordinate in a better way among the two places, besides it let us see huge advances that we have made these past five years, which made us very satisfied about that”.

On the other hand, Head of Santiago program, Natalia Morales, added that “for students accreditation is, without a doubt, an advantage when going into the job market because it is an acknowledgment that is provided to our program by an independent organism and is a Quality seal of the education that they have received. This allows them to face the job market with absolute confidence that other people recognize the work that is being done in our Faculty and University”.

We all congratulate both teams, our faculty staff, students and alumni for this achievement that places the BA program as a high academic level degree in Chilean engineering.