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Vive UDD y Desenreda UDD (Take Place With Great Assistance From Senior Highschool Students)


With a great attendance was developed on Saturday 13th of April a new version of Live UDD, occasion in which senior high school students from Santiago, attended a variety of workshops and talks about Geology, Civil Work Engineering, Civil Mining Engineering, Civil Industrial Engineering and the Common Plan, that were given by the Chairs of schools, outstanding students from upper levels, as well as they received the visit from the Dean Fernando Rojas Ochagavía, who encouraged them to believe in their dreams and invited them all to be a part of the Engineering of the Future.

Tomás Muñoz, from Madre Divina Providencia High School, claims that this experience improved by a hundred percent the valuation that he had from our university, since the workshops that were available for studying Civil Work Engineering hold a great infrastructure.

In the same way, for Chair and Vice Dean Javier Castro, studying Civil work Engineering allows a student to practice from the first day what it is like to be an Engineer.

Matías Casas, 5th year Civil Mining Engineering student, says that one of the main strengths he has observed at UDD is the closeness of teachers with company world, which allows the student to know the environment where they are going to professionally develop, as well as being able to grasp the tools to know the new challenges that mining presents for Chile.

Geology workshop, in the meantime, was developed by following a chronological timeline of the evolution of soils and minerals in Chile, where Cristian Salazar, PhD, transmitted to the assistants the broad possibilities of development in the future that this career paths allows.

Ignacia de Goyenechea, from Villa María Academy High School, came to UDD specially to know the project and study plans for our Common Plan BA, and left happy knowing the strengths and flexibilities that having two years to decide for a Civil Engineering means, in the Faculty.

Finally, Gonzalo Núñez from San Antonio del Baluarte Rengo High School valued the diversity, pointing out that, just like his brother, he is thinking of studying Civil Industrial Engineering at UDD.

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Over a hundred students from different high school of the Biobio State and its surrounding participated from the successful Vocational Day “Untangle your Future 2019”, held by the Engineering Faculty of the University del Desarrollo, last 11th may in Concepción.

On the occasion, ProRector Ernesto Silva Méndez, invited senior high school students to live the education of the future, to look at and imagine the challenges that our country will face from several disciplines that are given at our University, boosting that way the vocational development as well as knowledge production.

These Young people had the chance to know the programs of the BA in Civil Industrial Engineering and to participate actively in a variety of activities prepared by them. That is how they engaged with excellent outcomes from the challenge to make a business more profitable, an activity in which teamwork is a key element for the development of a work solution.

Check the photos from the event here