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Paul Bosch

Profesional con experiencia en el área matemática, y tiene una larga trayectoria enseñando en diferentes universidades.

Cursos que imparte en Pregrado:

On the generalized Laplace transform 2021Symmetry
Inequalities on the generalized ABC Index 2021Mathematics
Generalized inequalities involving fractional operators of Riemann-Liouville type 2021AIMS Mathematics
Dirichlet type problem for 2D quaternionic time-harmonic Maxwell system in fractal domains 2020ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS
Feasibility and cost minimization for a lithium extraction problem 2020COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH
Feasibility for Network flows with blending constraints: Application to Lithium Mining 2020Indian Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Analysis of Dengue Fever outbreak by generalized fractional derivatibe 2020FRACTALS-COMPLEX GEOMETRY PATTERNS AND SCALING IN NATURE AND SOCIETY
On the Inverse Degree Polynomial 2019SYMMETRY-BASEL
Preconditioning of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells with deferoxamine increases the production of pro-angiogenic neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory factors: Potential application in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy 2017Plos One
Support vector machine under uncertainty: An application for hydroacoustic classification of fish-schools in Chile 2013Expert Systems with Applications
Acoustic classification of anchovy (Engraulis ringens) and sardine (Strangomera bentincki) using support vector machines in central-southern Chile: effect of parameter calibration on the confusion matrix 2012Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research
A Numerical Method for two-stage stochastic programs under uncertainty 2011Fisheries Research
A comparison of multi-class support vector machine and classification tree methods for hydroacoustic classification of fish-schools in Chile 2011Mathematical problems in Engineering
Acoustic identification of small pelagic fish species in Chile using support vector machines and neural networks 2010Fisheries Research
Extension Theorem for Complex Clifford Algebras-Valued functions on fractal domains 2010Boundary Value Problems